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Company Overview

The company is founded by Zareef Kahloon. He holds professional qualifications with unique professional work exposure spreading over two decades.

At Messrs Zareef Associates Ltd. we undertake professional work of any nature that falls within the scope of our professional parameters.

A range of professional services such as production of accounts for sole traders, partnership and limited company, business and personal self assessment tax returns, corporation tax returns (CT600), payroll, secretarial matters, bookkeeping, investigations like income tax, pay as your earn (PAYE) and company enquiries etc. and any other compliance work of professional nature are undertaken.

Around twelve years of professional life including 4 years mandatory articles duly registered with The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan were spent in Pakistan the rest is spent in the UK as of today.

Company History

My professional career kicked off in early 1985. With the passage of time the learning curve kept going up and up until qualified. Since qualified I have been working to set up my own firm of accountants in mind.

Once all requisite professional work exposure was picked up to back up public practising certificate mandatory requirements, I then decided to secure long awaited one of the main objectives of my professional life. We hold general public practising practice certificate. Presently we are not competent to conduct the audit and therefore we do not seek audit business.

I then formally received confirmation from The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (UK) and The Association of International Accountants (AIA), England. Now the business hunt is on. Right now we are operating just below the break even point.

As such company is newly born but my professional career dates back in 1985. I have always been into the profession throughout either one or the other way. Driving force behind setting up the firm of accountants, as always desired for, is to serve a very demanding and challenging profession with the ultimate objective to help tax payers to make their accurate and prompt tax payments to the exchequer.

Future Vision

In order to get to the contemplated point, we have thought of working hard to extend the existing customer base in various sectors of the economy. We are open to all clients coming from different industries.

Using various scientific mechanisms in place for promoting our business through print and electronic media, we will continue to strive hard to expand across the horizon.

We are looking to take our professional business to Middle East, India, Pakistan and far east with full time offices accessible at client's convenience, the prospering economies of the world at accelerated pace in the near future.

T/A Zareef Kahloon & Co.